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Don’t Just Watch Our World Burn. Declare MAPS Now

With unprecedented fires ablaze this past summer in the Arctic, the world needs MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, now more than ever.

All life relies on the cooling influence of the year-round frozen Arctic. But Arctic sea ice is at an all-time low. One of the immediate consequences is that air temperatures are much warmer over Arctic land. Hotter air dries out vegetation, turning it into kindling for intense and long-burning fires that are difficult to extinguish. In a vicious feedback loop, the fires lead to further ice melt, which contributes to the destabilization of the entire global climate system.

Exacerbating the crisis are the massive CO2 emissions these Arctic fires have spewed into the atmosphere. According to the World Meteorological Organization, 50 megatons of CO2 were released into the atmosphere in June (more than Sweden emits in an entire year), 79 megatons were released in July; and in August, a cloud of soot and ash bigger than the entire European Union blanketed Siberia, where 4.3m hectares of taiga forest went up in flames. Fires have also raged in the boreal forests of Greenland, Alaska and Canada.

The costs of these fires are measured in lives, now and in the years to come. Not only do they destroy the vegetation that gives us the air we need to breathe, their smoke increases air pollution, exacerbates lung diseases and causes breathing difficulties. There are also serious environmental consequences. The loss of forested areas means the loss of valuable carbon sinks.

While the Arctic burns, oceans are hotter from the Arctic to the equator—and warm sea surface temperatures fuel hurricanes, as we just witnessed with Hurricane Dorian, the strongest landfalling Atlantic hurricane since 1935. The devastation left in Dorian’s wake is a harrowing reminder that what happens in the Arctic Ocean affects us all.

“The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is key in helping to mitigate devastating wildfires and storms worldwide,” says Parvati, founder and CEO of the all-volunteer non-profit, working to establish MAPS to protect all life. MAPS declares the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle an international marine preservation area. By keeping all harmful activities out of the Arctic Ocean, MAPS protects Arctic sea ice from being artificially destroyed. Arctic sea ice supports healthy rainfall patterns that keep our planet safe and give us all the food and resources we need to survive. At the same time, MAPS compels a global shift to renewable energy, one more step toward a cool world. is now finalizing its innovative Global Education for MAPS (GEM) strategy that harnesses the exponential power of modern media to cool minds, lighten footprints, and awaken an inevitable call for MAPS worldwide. It has also recently launched its free “Inner Peace Sanctuary” online workshop, and its “Our Superpower” and “Why MAPS” campaigns, to encourage people to listen to Nature, and to inspire them to take action to protect the Arctic Ocean.

“At this pivotal moment in human history, we no longer have time for anything but bold and decisive action to protect our shared future,” says Parvati. “Everyone has the right to know a healthy world is possible, so they can put pressure on their leaders to sign the MAPS Treaty immediately. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary is essential to keep our future alive.” is a not-for-profit dedicated to a healthy world. Its first order of business is the realization of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, an effective step to cool our planet and keep our oceans alive.