Need Kitchen Inspiration? Discover the Fall Food Faves of This Issue’s Contributors

Need some fall food ideas? We asked our contributors what they love to eat at this time of the year.


I must have been a monk in a past life. My default comfort food—which works perfectly with my love for yoga and meditation—is kitchari, slow-cooked Ayurvedic stews of rice, lentils and veggies. With warming spices like ginger, turmeric and black pepper, they also keep my voice healthy for singing and my body fit for touring.

– Parvati,
Parvati Magazine Founder and Editor-in-Chief






We’ve got tomatoes and arugula in abundance, and it is pure joy for me to go in the back yard, fill a colander with heirloom and cherry tomatoes, and top it off with fresh greens. From there it’s pretty simple, a pinch of sea salt, balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil.

Marcus Erikson,
Co-Founder and Research Director of 5Gyres Institute, Community







I love soup, and as the weather starts to cool down, fall is great to have more soup. Could be lentil or chicken soup made at home, or ramen, pho or udon soup at local restaurants. Oh, and a little picante is always good and maybe some ginger.

Alan Brookes, PhD,
Former 2:34 marathoner, Race Director of Canada Running Series and Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Fitness






Butternut squash—as a nice thick soup, or with tofu, veggies and quinoa.

Melanie McField,
Smithsonian Scientist and Founder of Healthy Reefs Initiative, Community








Thai coconut soup with homemade bone broth and glass noodles.Chelsea Ladd,
Sponsorship and Vendor Director of YogaFest, Yogis Unite









Hokkaido pumpkin, cinnamon and apples, and lots of ginger.

Marlena Izdebska,
Food stylist, photographer, and co-author of “Greenfluence” and author of upcoming cookbook “Best of Bowls: Einfach, lecker und gesund”, Nutrition








I make more stews and Moroccan tagines and try to use more winter vegetables. Roasting a chicken with sweet potatoes and lots of Brussels sprouts is really yummy at this time of year.

Catherine Rose,
Massage therapist, triathlete and member of Team Canada at the 2019 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Lausanne, Switzerland, Fitness







Anything with tomatoes. We just made over a hundred jars of sauce and I still have more tomatoes!

Julie Clark,
Aromatherapist, aesthetician, entrepreneur and founder of Province Apothecary, Beauty









All year long I love to eat soup, even for breakfast! In the fall, I look forward to soups with a variety of root vegetables, especially parsnips and burdock, combined with lentils, mung beans or quinoa. I season it with lots of ginger, turmeric, cumin, black pepper and a touch of cinnamon and cayenne.

Joy Elkayam,
Educator, administrator and Parvati Magazine Production Manager, MAPS Ambassador






Apples picked straight off the tree!

Kate Northrup,
Entrepreneur and bestselling author of “Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms”, Business








Being a foodie, I find this a very difficult question indeed. I do love mangos but the season is ending. I can only think of Indian dishes… Okra masala with butter nan!

Ben Banerjee,
President and co-founder of the Swiss Impact Investment Association, Business








Since I eat low carb right now, some of my go-tos are cabbage in a simple coleslaw, the spaghetti squash alongside anything, and slow-cooked bone broth. I’m also obsessed with my favourite new toy—a microplane grater—and use it to megadose fresh ginger root in all my meals, even my morning smoothie!
Pranada McBurnie,
Parvati Magazine Managing Editor, MAPS Ambassador






Two ingredients always come to mind when I think of the changing seasons—squash and apples! They really are a magical combination when roasted together with a little bit of butter, cinnamon, and seasoned chickpeas. There’s something about the balance of textures and flavours that makes me so grateful for Mother Nature and the fall harvest.

Amy Kellestine,
Parvati Magazine Book and Film Editor