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Pia Mia’s Clean Food Stylings will Inspire You to Eat Your Veggies

Interview with Marlena Izdebska

Marlena Izdebska is a Berlin-based foodie and self-described “rainbow foodstylist”. Her tips and recipes have become so popular on social media that she has gained a loyal following of the health-conscious, looking to be inspired through the medium of food. Her mouth-watering presentations of sandwiches, food bowls and nutritious breakfasts will send you straight to the kitchen. Marlena is looking forward to releasing her first solo cookbook project and inspiring a wider audience to eat a healthier plant-based diet.

Parvati Magazine: What was your first love: food or photography? How did they converge for you to become a food stylist to feature your own recipes?

Marlena Izdebska: My very first love from childhood was food, but as a young girl I bought my first camera. I was always very passionate about art—this is my true love: the world of black and white photography. I started with my Instagram channel because I was looking for inspiration, but I found this amazing food community and so many inspiring food artworks… I just tried to impress myself, and to learn new skills. Then with time I was inspired to change to a vegetarian lifestyle and to become healthier than before.

Parvati Magazine: You share before and after pictures of your food on Instagram. Why have you chosen to do that? Do you find it creates more engagement and curiosity?

Marlena Izdebska: I’m fighting for more reality and authenticity in social media – my pictures are so bright and overedited, and so I wanted to show my community the truth behind all these bright and vibrant pictures. And also, I want to give something back for all the support I got from my community.

Parvati Magazine: You have a cookbook, “Best of Bowls: Einfach, lecker und gesund” coming out on November 6, 2019. What was the experience of writing a cookbook like? What will readers find inside?

Marlena Izdebska: “Best of Bowls” is a beautiful cookbook with sixty vegan and five vegetarian soul food recipes. I give some food styling tips and I also write some personal thoughts. Also, you can find my beloved nature photography. I’m so proud of this book and hope my community will fall in love with it.

Parvati Magazine: Veganism and vegetarianism are hot topics that you recently addressed on your Instagram page. Why did you feel the need to do so?

Marlena Izdebska: I was inspired to find a way to reduce animal product consumption, and this is how it started. I try to be more environmentally conscious and live a healthy life without giving pain to animals. I’m not fully vegan but I try to do what I can.

Parvati Magazine: What’s your favourite part of this work, the process or the final product?

Marlena Izdebska: Definitely the final product. But I also love to create and to play with food.

Parvati Magazine: What are the fall meals that you most love to make and photograph?

Marlena Izdebska: Sandwiches, crepes and all my soul food bowls. I love the possibilities to create them with so much colour.

Marlena Izdebska is a food stylist, upcoming cookbook author, and mindfully introverted food photographer. She is known for her tempting, healthy and no-waste, plant-based recipes. She focuses on her unique food creations, but also gives editing tips for likeminded food photographers.