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Province Apothecary’s Natural Beauty Ingredients from Across Canada Help Get Your Skin Autumn-Ready

Julie Clark left her career as a costume designer and stylist at the age of 27 to become the entrepreneur behind skincare company Province Apothecary. Raw, organic and natural beauty ingredients including oils, waxes and herbs were all part of the experimenting process in her home to formulate a skincare line now found in 180 stores across North America. Province Apothecary also has its own storefront in Toronto, Canada, offering treatments, holistic nutrition and naturopathic consults. We spoke with Julie about her autumn skincare recommendations.

Parvati Magazine: You focus on ingredients from the Canadian provinces. What inspired you to commit to this? What is unique about the ingredients you find in Canada?

Julie Clark: I was drawn to the ingredients I could find in our country because I knew that these ingredients could support our skin throughout all the intense seasons we have. Beeswax is a great example of an amazing wax that will help protect the skin from the harsh winter.

Custom Serums from a Holistic Skincare Practitioner

Parvati Magazine: You offer custom serums hand-blended in Toronto to meet an individual’s skincare needs. How does this work?

Julie Clark: This is one of my favourite products and services that we offer. I believe that everyone needs skincare that can change with their skin and the seasons. When we blend a custom serum we are able to adjust it to meet the needs of the clients and get them the best results.

There are two ways you can get a Province Apothecary Custom Serum. One, you can come in for a facial. We will blend a serum for you after your treatment based on what the Holistic Skincare Practitioner recommends. Two, you can order a Custom Serum through our website and answer a questionnaire about your lifestyle and skin. A Holistic Skincare Practitioner will review [it] and blend something just for you!

Parvati Magazine: When clients come to you with skincare problems, such as eczema, dry or sensitive skin, how often do you find that diet and lifestyle modifications lead to improvements?

Julie Clark: It’s really different for everyone. Personally, I suffer from eczema and changing my lifestyle and diet has helped me tremendously, but for some people changing skincare products might be enough.

Nourish Your Natural Beauty During the Changing Seasons

Parvati Magazine: In the Northern hemisphere, we are in a seasonal transition from summer to fall. What are some of the beauty rituals, oils, and scents you love to use for this time of year?

Julie Clark: The cold air tightens and dulls skin. Update your face oils to offer more nourishment and comfort: for oily or combination skin, try our Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum or evening primrose oil for an omega boost; argan, a super hydrating oil with a lightweight texture; and black cumin, a naturally warming oil to boost circulation in the skin.

For skin that is already dehydrated and dry, try our Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face serum or avocado oil, which has a heavier consistency for nighttime; raspberry seed oil, a good anti-inflammatory oil repair damage; and pomegranate oil, a free radical fighting, excellent repair oil.

Cold wind abuses the skin on a surface level. Add our rich Protecting + Restoring Face Balm as a protective layer against the wind. Focus on the areas of the face where less oil is produced, like around the eyes and neck.

Parvati Magazine: What are you working on right now at Province Apothecary? Is there anything coming up over the next several months that you are looking forward to sharing?

Julie Clark: We have just finished expanding our treatment space. We also just launched a facial training program for registered aestheticians. We are so excited to be working with amazing aestheticians all over North America offering holistic, effective and relaxing facials using our plant-based products.

After struggling with allergies and eczema all her life, Julie Clark began crafting natural organic beauty products out of her kitchen. After she completed courses in Aromatherapy, Holistic Health and Estheticsshe founded the skincare line Province Apothecary featuring natural ingredients from all of Canada’s provinces.




Image credit: Kristin Sjaarda