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MAPS: A Voice for Everyone

The Arctic Ocean touches us all, no matter where we may be. Not only does it flow into the other oceans of the planet in a majestic, interconnected dance full of life-giving phytoplankton and resounding whale song. Nor does the coolness of its ice merely shape the weather patterns that give us the food and water we need to survive. The world’s smallest ocean, our planet’s icy crown, is a crucial ecosystem that carries, nourishes and sustains us in every moment.

When it is threatened, as it is today with accelerating melt and encroaching commercialization and military activity, every single one of us has a role to play in protecting it, so that it can protect us. We each have a voice and we must use it now to speak up for this life-giving guardian.

Through MAPS: A Voice for Everyone, it is easier than ever for people in all walks of life to do just that. As part of GEM (Global Education for MAPS), A Voice for Everyone equips you with a clear, simple and effective MAPS presentation. You can share it with your family, friends and colleagues, to inspire them with the hope and power of MAPS to stabilize the world we depend on. As you rally others to do the same, you help generate an exponential wave of public support for MAPS, calling on world leaders to sign the MAPS Treaty immediately.

History is written by people who show the courage to take compassionate action. We have all read the stories of the Good Samaritan who tended to a beaten traveller, Harriet Tubman’s tireless efforts to free American slaves, or the Japanese pensioners who volunteered to clean up the damage at Fukushima and protect younger workers from radiation. Now is the time to stand up and be heard, to safeguard the life that the Arctic Ocean sustains: our very own, as well as that of all other creatures on our beautiful, shared planet.

MAPS: A Voice for Everyone goes live this month on and on all @parvatiofficial channels. Sign up today and make history.


From the Great Lakes of Africa to the glaciers of Greenland,
From the banks of the Mississippi to the beaches of Fiji,
MAPS is a voice for the Earth.

From the whale to the caribou, and the puffin to the leopard,
From the oak tree to the orchid, and the silkworm to the bee,
MAPS is a voice for Nature and all her creatures.

From poets to scientists, and farmers to accountants,
From mountains to cities, and deserts to seas,
MAPS is a voice for all occupations and the landscapes we love.

From the innocence of newborns to the wisdom of elders,
From mothers to fathers who parent alone and together,
MAPS is a voice for all ages, gender identities, and lifestyles.

From Buddhism to Christianity, and Hinduism to Islam,
From Atheism to Agnosticism, and Judaism to Shinto,
MAPS is a voice for all belief systems.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do,
No matter the color of your skin, who you vote for, or how you self-identify,
MAPS is a voice for you.

MAPS is a voice for everyone.


By Parvati Magazine Staff