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Our World Needs the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Now. There Are 11 Essential Reasons Why.

In the final hours of COP 24, the United Nations climate conference in Katowice, Poland, last fall, the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands listened to the volunteers sitting with him as they explained the treaty to create MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Then he said, β€œThat sounds like something I should sign.” He immediately did.

Though Prime Minister Henry Puna’s nation was far from the Arctic Ocean, he understood the value and urgency of transforming this fragile and critical ecosystem into the largest ocean preserve the world has ever seen. But not everyone recognizes why MAPS is so optimally positioned to catalyze global change and help prevent immense hunger, poverty and mass extinction. So from the halls of power at the United Nations to a social media feed near you, is making Why MAPS clearer than ever.

As part of GEM (Global Education for MAPS), Why MAPS is a series of short, clear and straightforward messages. It outlines the 11 essential reasons why the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is urgently needed now.

Our world now looks ahead to COP 25 as the next opportunity for world leaders to commit to a sustainable future. As starving children, vanishing species and feverish oceans wait for our world to finally wake up to its interconnection and make changes, Why MAPS cuts through the noise and points the way.

Watch this space in coming issues for all 11 critical reasons we need MAPS now.


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by Parvati Magazine Staff