Parvati Magazine, MAPS, Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, Letter from the Editor

OnWord – December 2019

Thank you for reading the December 2019 issue of Parvati Magazine.

While you move through your busy days, you may forget the very force of life that sustains you. I have come to see, through the various ups and downs, challenges and tribulations in my life, that it is a supreme gift that we can walk, breatheโ€”even exist at all.

By reflecting on seemingly small miracles that you may habitually take for granted, you discover that you are not a separate, struggling being. You are unbound consciousness, mirrored in all and through all, a part of an exquisite, harmonious and inspired cosmic play.

Your mind may try to convince you that what you perceive as outside yourself has nothing to do with you. However, everyone you encounter has something to show you about yourself and offers you an opportunity to care for and serve life itself.

Notice the angry driver, honking and swerving through the street. Remember, you too have the capacity for the same anger. Give thanks for making a different choice in this moment, as you wish the driver well. We all have been thereโ€”feeling frustrated, thwarted, unable to move forward at the speed we want.

Notice that street person who is asking for change, and know that you too could be there. Could there be parts of yourself that you have abandoned? Are there ways in which you feel hopeless, like a beggar?

Notice the baby in a stroller, wide-eyed with wonder as she gazes at a flock of pigeonsโ€”who to the adult eye may be a nuisance, but to the infant is a fluttering gathering of winged magnificence. Consider how you too still have the capacity to see the world through the eyes of innocence, purity and freshness. You have so much potential to be discovered.

It is a habit to see our differences. Instead, look for connections and similarities. In the mirror of life, you find that you are never alone, but part of a magnificent, wise and intricate whole. As part of GEM: Global Education for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, Parvati Magazine is dedicated to that truth.

Eventually, a day will come when we no longer perceive life through any sense of separateness, when we will live harmoniously. This brilliant tomorrow is based on the choices we make today, one moment at a time, as we reflect on the gifts we have in the here and now.


Love yourself.

Love others.

Love our world.

We are one Earth family.