The Joy of a Purposeful Life, Guided by Nature’s Wisdom

What is a life purpose? Do we all have one? And if so, how do we find it? In my case, a deepening relationship with Nature helped me recognize why I am here and how best to use my time.

When I was in university, I felt driven by the need to fulfill other people’s dreams for me, rather than my own. I had set aside my lifelong love for music to train instead as an architect. It was a career choice that looked good on paper. It seemed to check all the boxes: it was professional, creative, and respected. However, even though I graduated with top marks and began a promising career, repeat illnesses and unrelenting depression persisted until I admitted to myself that I was out of harmony with my true nature.

I gave notice at my architecture job and moved to India to reflect upon the events that had shaped the arc of my life to date. I spent a year there meditating and practicing yoga. These were ways for me to realign with the intelligence of Nature I felt within and around me, so that I could feel connected with myself, others and the world.

The more in tune I felt with the universe, the greater purpose I sensed. There was a vast and magnificent force beyond my habitual mind, anyone’s agenda for me, and my limited personal will. I was born to serve this force with all my heart and in every breath. But what did this service look like?

In becoming inwardly quiet, I became aware that I did not need to have it all figured out. I knew my love was for music and serving the world. The deeper I went in trust that I would be shown my path, I discovered that the universe was conspiring to support my greatest joy. In fact, I came to see that the entire universe vibrates at the frequency of joy. Joy was not a luxury, but an expression of my place within the whole. As I allowed myself to settle into this reality, I was harmonizing with Nature and being taught to live my soul purpose.

A New Stage in a Relationship with Nature

My relationship with Nature then entered a new stage. I knew unequivocally that I was supported and loved, even if I did not always see it. This rippled into all areas of my life, which began to flower with greater ease. My creative world expanded beyond what I could have imagined. I developed ways to systematically and intentionally connect with the intelligence of Nature as a source of guidance. I was awed at the creative possibilities that opened up to me.

Just as we see structure in the roots, trunk and branches of a tree, there is an equivalent unseen structure that in-forms—brings into form—the physical world. When we are willing to be still, we can co-create with that aspect of Nature. The more I chose to be resonant with it, the more I was able to act with maximum efficiency in everything I was doing.

In many ways, through this co-creative work, I returned to what I had known in the innocence of childhood. When I was a little girl, I felt I sang and wrote music for the angels and all of Nature. Now, creating music had become a multidimensional symphonic experience, painting the harmony of the spheres in sonic technicolour.

Love and respect for Nature became all-encompassing for me. Composing music was—and still is to this day—a conscious collaboration with the subtle, organized patterning of the universe. In partnership with Nature, I developed new skills to support my performance, connect with audiences, or even sense the spaces where I was performing. By embracing this power, I have also been guided to develop YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, to become the founder and CEO of the international charity, and to write several self-help and fiction books as part of GEM: Global Education for MAPS. One of them is an upcoming book about our superpower, showing you how you can co-create with Nature for maximum health, wealth and creativity.

When we tap into Nature’s immense intelligence, compassion and ingenuity, we are shown the most effective, efficient and effervescent way forward.

Next month, in anticipation of the new book, I’ll share more about deepening your partnership with Nature to realize your fullest potential.


Parvati is an award-winning singer, composer, producer, yogini, author, and Founder and CEO of the international charity Her work is dedicated to protecting all life on Earth by establishing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).