Winter 2020: Deepening (Read the Full Issue)

From the Editor

Winter 2020: DEEPENING

Welcome to the Winter 2020 issue of Parvati Magazine.

In our busy lives, it is easy to get caught up in surface chatter and inner restlessness, thinking we must buy more, do more, be more, in order to be happy. Too often, we can become like talking heads that bob about like flotsam on the deep oceans of life. With Parvati Magazine as with all aspects of GEM (Global Education for MAPS), my wish is to settle in with you, deeper, into the powerful truths of this moment.

In the pages of this month’s issue, on the theme “Deepening”, you’ll discover people who are finding those deeper truths and are helping others do the same. Neurologist and bestselling author David Perlmutter explains how we can reclaim our power of choice by understanding the decision-making process in our brains. Rulan Tangen, the Artistic Founding Director of Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations, offers us a passionate and heartfelt interview about movement and interconnection. Sand Cloud founder Brandon Leibel shares his company’s deepening commitment to sustainability and marine protection. The Grammy Awards lineup this year reveals the changing face of music. I share how to witness and transform core beliefs that drive your life without your knowing it, and how to connect with your innate capacity for inner peace. This, and much more!




Thank you for reading the Winter 2020 issue of Parvati Magazine.

The Earth is our mother, providing us with nourishment for our bodies, sweetness to fill our hearts, and a lush expanse to inspire our spirits. Yet we often resist the opportunity to truly take root in this moment and allow ourselves to be fully present. In this, we sabotage our evolution, rob ourselves of happiness, and cheat others of our true nature.

Touch down. Settle in more fully. Receive, and be received by, the Earth. Allow your body/being to come into a broad and profound sense of relaxation. In your ever deepening learning, know that you are exactly where you need to be. In each moment, you are home.

May each one of us feel inspired by our unique, sacred rooting on the Earth, in service to the divine and to all life. May each one of us live with respect for each other, our brothers and sisters who walk alongside us as we travel the path back to the One.

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.