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Acting in Nature’s Highest Good, for the Good of All

My name is Daniel Gerald. I am an IT professional with the BMO Financial Group, whose purpose is to boldly grow the good in business and in life. As a volunteer, I am also the past president of the Sports and Social Club at my office, and a member of the Steering Committee at Toronto’s High Park. In addition, I am a volunteer at Parvati Foundation. I am honoured to give my voice to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, by offering Technical Systems Support for projects as well as sharing news, workshops and insights with my family, friends and colleagues. I also troubleshoot and do technical quality control for Parvati Magazine, and assist with website testing.

Being passionate about spreading awareness of MAPS, I now also help open doors for MAPS presentations at synagogues in the greater Toronto area. The presentations, given by Parvati Foundation’s Joy Elkayam, have been well received. They have raised awareness and catalyzed dialogue about the urgency of making the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle a much needed marine protected area with MAPS.

I’ve met many amazing like-minded people through the organization, who inspire me. For example, with every new edition of Parvati Magazine it’s incredible to see how many people are doing great things to help heal the planet.

What has impressed me most about volunteering here is the way it has shown me that we are all interconnected and what we do affects the whole. So it’s important to be conscious of how I approach my tasks, both in my business and in life. I need to be aligned with my highest good in both aspects. There is no separation. I remind myself: “Breathe through the busyness, for it too shall pass. Be your true authentic self in every moment.” I believe these ideas are in the best interest of others too.

Acting in Nature’s highest good, for the good of all, is why I give my voice to MAPS. Volunteering at Parvati Foundation is a way to meet the moment with kindness and compassion for our world, all those around me, and myself. It is rooted, vital, expansive work that moves in the direction of evolution, in peace and harmony with Nature and my soul’s purpose.

Daniel Gerald is an IT professional working at BMO Financial Group. His volunteer work includes the coordination of group lectures on topics related to environmental protection. In addition, Daniel has volunteered at Parvati Foundation and Parvati Magazine since its inception. Daniel is an advocator for conscious economics and living, and is an avid reader, meditator, runner, and yogi.