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Being Awake to a Phenomenal Opportunity

There are some unmistakable truths in life. Foremost amongst those for me are the trio that we are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves; giving is greater than receiving; and life is very generous in the opportunities it presents to us, and if we stop looking so hard we may just see them right in front of us. So begins the story of why, in a very short space of time, MAPS has become such an important part of my life.

MAPS appeared into my life so unexpectedly and through an inadvertent chain of events, that I just knew, right from the beginning, it was something out of the ordinary. And all that was before I really understood the magnitude of what was at stake, the severity of the current situation, and the urgency with which we need to act. But there was even more, a lot more, to come, for as I made my way through the material that described MAPS and its realization plan, it resonated so deeply and clearly that this wasn’t just another worthwhile cause to get involved in. This was a responsibility, one that needed to be taken up; a responsibility to help those already giving so much of their time; a responsibility to everyone I love and care for; and a responsibility to the entire planet.

So, tempted by fate and drawn in by consciousness, I found the next piece to fall in line was my mind. You see, I find MAPS irresistible and wholly unique in its combination of a crystal-clear purpose, grandeur of ambition, and intricacy of strategy and planning. This is an organization that knows what it’s here to do, where it needs to get to, and how it’s going to do it. It would be a tantalizing enough prospect in the corporate world, but combined with its ultimate singular aspiration of delivering a better world for us all then that’s where it truly becomes impossible to say no.

However, for me, the last piece of this puzzle is the most important, for it is the part that I know will make it succeed above all else, and it is also the part that I am drawn to most. That is the shared heart and devotion that everyone contributing to MAPS brings. No one works for MAPS. Everyone just wakes up each day and gives themselves to it, in a continual selfless stream of genuine love for the planet and all of us that share it. You cannot create an environment like this. It just happens when people are awake to the phenomenal opportunity being presented to them, and are dedicated to giving to something so much bigger than themselves.

In this way, if I was asked to summarize what MAPS means to me in one word, I would say gratitude, for I will ever be thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this amazing cause and be involved with so many amazing people.

David Stevens David Stevens brings 25 years of investment banking experience and expertise in financial oversight and governance frameworks, as well as a deep commitment to do the right thing by people and the planet, to his role as Chief Compliance & Financial Officer of Parvati Foundation. He is also the co-owner of the conscious property development consulting firm Conductor and co-founder of the not-for-profit organization RASA.