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Connecting with the Creative Flow as an Artist

Having been an artist my whole life, I’ve experienced an ongoing connection and personal relationship with creative energy. Sometimes I’ve been closer to it than other times. As my soul is having a human experience, I’m often faced with opportunities to do things that move me toward my evolution, or away from it. When my choices are rooted in positivity and love, I feel an ease and vitality that allows me to be within the creative flow.

We all know that it’s important to try not to bring harm to others. But what happens when we find out that as a collective global community, we are doing things that are endangering ourselves, our brothers and sisters of the world, our wildlife and the environment as a whole? What if there is a way to make a shift that moves us in the right direction? A shift that moves our thinking, our values and our priorities toward preservation and conservation instead of destruction and exploitation? This shift is what MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, represents. It stands for everything that I hold dear: to be a creator and not a destroyer. For me, being an artist is a way of seeing the world and all its beauty. MAPS is the opportunity to cause a positive change in the trajectory of our planet’s history—to be part of a revolution.

Being in Service through the Creative Flow

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life weaving in and out of different creative projects and ventures—from wall artist to special effects artist, graphic designer to set designer, and DJ and producer to creative director. So really, all roads led me to today, where I can be in service to the whole through creativity for MAPS. Since becoming a volunteer Branding and Graphics Lead for Parvati Foundation, I have been able to use my artistic voice as a visual tool. Through the art of design as communication, I help aesthetically deliver the messaging and creative projects for the Parvati Foundation. Being part of a team that gives MAPS an identity and voice has allowed the movement to reach the four corners of the Earth. We are all affected by a rapidly melting Arctic Ocean. MAPS extends opportunities to people everywhere to take a step in the direction of our individual and collective evolution.

This adventure has made me a more conscious consumer and humanitarian who is building a personal internal bridge back to nature, by deepening my understanding of our connection to all things and healing the areas of disconnection within myself. By truly knowing that I am one with everything on Earth and beyond, that I won’t feel alone or separate, which has been a belief for most of my life. Through my experience with the Parvati Foundation, I’ve been amazed to see this change taking place within myself and within others who also believe in MAPS. We share the understanding that everyone deserves to live in a world that puts nature first, and we vow to protect it. It has been remarkable for me to witness the generosity and kindness of people who come forward and lend their voice to champion MAPS.

The voice of the soul sings from the heart. It expresses itself in whatever way we allow it to exist. Being open in my heart and soul to allow creativity to manifest through me is how I’m using my voice for MAPS. I hope that it empowers people in some way to take positive and loving steps together, knowing that MAPS is a voice for everyone. I do what I do to share the invitation for the people of today to help create a safe and healthy tomorrow.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

– Ram Dass

Adam Nathan is an artist, producer, DJ, Founder and Creative Director of award-winning design agency Jellyfunk, and the lead of Branding and Graphics at Parvati Foundation. He has collaborated with brands such as MTV, Virgin Mobile, and Space Channel.