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More Voices for MAPS

Birendra Rai
MAPS Ambassador, Nepal

I believe in helping others. I work for community, environment, climate and this world.

I am getting people to connect for the future generations and the ocean, by collaborating with different NGOs, and organizing programmes in schools and colleges. I am working hard to make a good and influential contribution for Parvati Foundation and MAPS.



Rituraj Phukan
MAPS Ambassador, India

I had read about Arctic amplification and the implications of ice loss for global weather, people and biodiversity. Yet, I felt unnerved by what I learned at Longyearbyen: the Svalbard archipelago had warmed by over 5ΒΊ C in 20 years. It rained when I was there, forming a hard ice cover and causing the death of over 200 reindeer due to starvation.

Arctic ice loss impacts are global, manifested in storms, droughts and wildfires. The predicted disruption of the South Asian monsoon would be catastrophic for India, which is already facing extreme weather and an unprecedented water crisis. As World Water Day approaches on March 22, I feel ever more convinced that MAPS is the immediate and effective response to the global ecological and humanitarian crisis.


MaΓ©na Gerault

MAPS Ambassador, Canada

I have been a MAPS Ambassador since September 2019. I wanted to be part of something greater, and feel helpful, because the future of our planet should concern us all. My role as a volunteer is usually on research projects that will help to reach more people. I talk about MAPS as much as I can to my friends and family, and also through social media. As a student, I also reach out to student clubs to present MAPS, and try to find ways for them to spread the word about this beautiful adventure. The more people we reach, the more we will be able to make a difference.