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Speaking Up for the True Bottom Line of Business

Sustainable Business for a Healthy World

What does it mean that MAPS is a voice for everyone? The answer will be different for each of us, reflecting our lives and perspectives. It touches on our hopes and dreams as we see planet Earth changing all around us. When I consider my answer as a MAPS volunteer, I’ve discovered several voices, now starting to form a chorus.

The first voice I hear is the strong but subtle one of my heart and soul. This voice is happy to have MAPS as a focus to express my joy and love for the immense beauty of Earth. As MAPS moves closer to realization, the voice grows stronger every day.

The second voice is my outward voice as I contact business leaders in my role as the volunteer business editor with Parvati Magazine. Though I hold an MBA and have worked internationally in the software business, I still never imagined I would regularly place personal calls to the executives of multi-million-dollar global organizations. Knowing I am working towards the realization of MAPS for all life on Earth makes it easier for me to be confident in this voice.

Voices for Sustainable Business

As I trust these two voices, I meet a global chorus of change-makers. It is an honour to amplify their voices through Parvati Magazine. In so doing, we help them inspire others to follow their hearts and do business differently. Some that stand out include Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s. This healthy and growing international soap company is dedicated to fair working conditions, strong environmental activism, and ecological business practice. In 2019, Dr. Bronner’s allocated 7.2 percent of sales revenue (not just profit) to charitable giving and sponsorships. What an example for others to follow! Another example is Xavier Houot, Senior Vice President of Safety, Environment and Real Estate with Schneider Electric. Xavier inspired me with his passion and Schneider’s innovation. It’s no small thing to decarbonize the supply chain for a €25 billion company, while making its products more circular and easy to repair, refurbish and retrofit. At the same time, Schneider Electric is now 80 percent powered by renewable energy, with a target of 100 percent (and fully carbon neutral) by 2030. It is possible. Through MAPS and Parvati Magazine, I have the opportunity to spread the news.

In the world of investment and finance, an increasing number of voices urge recognition of our interconnection and of the “Triple Bottom Line” of people, planet and profit. Robert Rubenstein of TBLI Group exemplifies this. He has dedicated his life to helping financial professionals understand why investing for these “three pillars of sustainability” is good for business and for the world.

At the same time, corporations and business organizations are coming together across industries and countries, to create sustainable business practices. The global corporate leadership initiative RE100 brings together many of the world’s most influential companies in a commitment to swiftly achieve 100 percent renewable power. The nonprofit EAT Forum is bringing together science, business, policy and civil society to achieve sustainable and healthy food systems for the whole world. My heart sings when I see how many international food companies are working with EAT Forum, seeking better ways for us all to eat and live.

MAPS is a catalyst, bringing people together to remember our interconnection and act for our shared future. At Parvati Magazine, in service to MAPS, we will continue to amplify the voices of business that emphasize a healthy world as the true bottom line.

Pam Bryan is a career coach and former competitive cyclist, as well as the Technical Assistant with Parvati Foundation, and Business Editor and Distribution Manager for Parvati Magazine. She holds an MBA, and previously focused on entrepreneurial management and business development.



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