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The Power of Your Focused Intention to Change the World

I have always been a creative person. My knack for imagination has allowed me to create a unique life for myself. I believe that our planet is in trouble and think I have a duty as an entrepreneur to do what I can to help create change.

That is why I have made a conscious choice to promote MAPS through my business, Truth Belts. I donate 100 percent of the income from one of my vegan belts, called the Albedo, to the Parvati Foundation. I hand out post cards promoting MAPS at tradeshows in which I exhibit. My business email signatures have a link to I have a blurb and link to on the home page of my website, I give free presentations on MAPS to schools, churches, companies, and to whoever else will listen, both in person and online. I talk about MAPS to friends and family, and I have helped to collect MAPS petition signatures.

In the summer of 2019, I had an experience that truly showed me just how powerful the human mind, focused with intention, really is. I did the β€œ30-Day Love/Hate Rice Experiment”, something first done by Masaro Emoto. I labeled three jars of cooked organic rice LOVE, HATE and IGNORE. For 30 days I spent one minute per day sending love to the LOVE jar, hate to the HATE jar and ignoring the IGNORE jar. At the end of the 30 days, the HATE jar had a lot of mold, but the LOVE rice was not moldy at all. The rice in the IGNORE jar was somewhere in the middle.

For me, the question of how I use my voice for MAPS is directly related to this experiment. It was proof that my mind and intention truly affect reality. Just imagine how our world will be affected when everyone chooses to support MAPS! How wonderful that will be! As the experiment has shown, directing our attention with courage, focus and consistency changes the outcome.

For this reason, I have chosen to face my childhood fears, forgiven those who have hurt me, and taken full responsibility for everything in my life as best I can. I have come to a place where I know that my life experiences, and the experiences we have as a race on this planet, are a direct result of the choices we have all made, in every moment of every day.

I choose MAPS. And I firmly believe that when more and more people also choose MAPS, our world will transform.

Renia Pruchnicki is the owner of a company called Truth where she designs a line of vegan fashion accessories made in Canada. Truth was created in 2001. Renia is a MAPS Ambassador and delivers MAPS presentations in Toronto and online.