Parvati - GEM: Global Education for MAPS - Ocean Anthem - Human Voice - Instrument of Transformation
Parvati - GEM: Global Education for MAPS - Ocean Anthem - Human Voice - Instrument of Transformation

The Voice: An Instrument of Transformation

Our human voices are instruments of creation. They transform silent breath and thought to tangible shape. They transform hidden feelings into undeniable emotion. It is no coincidence that many of the world’s creation myths begin with a divine word. In ways obvious or subtle, voices change the world every day. They help to create our future. GEM: Global Education for MAPS is rooted in the truth that when combined with knowledge, awareness, and the intention to serve the good of all, a human voice has the power to catalyze widespread transformation.

Sound healers understand that our voices can unlock long-held mysteries within us and create healing for ourselves and others. As the voice generates sound, it creates wave forms that distribute sonic energy throughout the atmosphere and into our cells. This sonic information has the ability to create, sustain and destroy matter. When vocalized sound is created with meditative intention, in particular on a specific area of focus such as disease, the sound information can soften, reshape, dislodge and transform energy stuck in unhealthy patterns.

The power of sound to heal remains mostly in the realm of the intuitive, though science is increasing in its ability to understand the way in which sound heals. It is undeniable that sound has an effect that is felt and visible on matter. For example, shrill sounds will eventually feel unpleasant and we will want them to cease. Or soothing sounds can lull us to sleep.

In our digital world, an infinite myriad of sounds is available to us on demand—from rolling waves to rolling trains, from quiet crickets to string quartets. And yet, we overwhelmingly choose to hear human voices: on our radios, in audiobooks, in our popular music, in how we communicate. Whether or not we ever contemplate the potential of sound healing through the voice, hearing the voices of others is life-affirming for us. It reminds us that we are not alone. It helps us to find ourselves reflected in others.

“Ocean Anthem” illustrates the power of the human voice to connect us all and, in so doing, transform the world. Created by a skilled singer, musical composer and producer as well as a sound healer, it invokes the energy of interconnection and the reality of our oneness with oceans and all life. It is melodious, beautiful, and heartfelt; but more importantly, it is a sonic healing experience. It amplifies compassion, softens stubbornness, and realigns our spirits.

Deep within each one of us is a presence that witnesses all. It hears the noise of the world and the noise of our thoughts; yet it is untouched, pure awareness in absolute expanse. “Ocean Anthem” was born through surrender to the profound silence of this inner listener. The rich, multilayered vocal harmonies of “Ocean Anthem” speak in turn beyond the conscious mind to the silent listener within us. They help to deepen our sense of being within an interconnected, vibrant whole.

We are organic beings, given life by Nature. The elements that make up our bodies were forged in the supernovas of ancient stars. Like the wood of a violin that forever resonates with the imprint of its origin tree, our voices can carry the resonance of both Nature and the cosmos, as instruments within the symphonic whole. They have immense power to shape the world far beyond the reach of our bodies. Parvati has chosen to tap into this power and resonance with “Ocean Anthem”. At the same time, just as hearing other human voices helps us to witness ourselves in others, “Ocean Anthem” helps us remember that we too can be instruments of vast love and wisdom.

By Parvati Magazine Staff


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