Parvati Magazine is dedicated to the realization of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, to keep our planet cool.

Parvati Magazine showcases global new thought leaders in arts, wellness, business and ecology. Our readers are passionate changemakers, hungry for clarity and substance in their lives. They believe in a better world and inspire others for the same.

Parvati Magazine is free and 100% volunteer-run, as it has been since it was founded in 2011 to give voice to the awakened Earth, or Parvati in Sanskrit. Every month, we publish new, original content at parvatimagazine.com. Subscribe and ask your favorite digital newsstand to carry Parvati Magazine to help spread the word.

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At this time, Parvati Magazine has openings for volunteer editors in the Music, Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty columns. For further information about editorial guidelines: submit@parvatimagazine.com


Parvati Magazine is pleased to run advertisements for our contributors. Other potential advertisers should contact ads@parvatimagazine.com for ad specification and pricing. Advertisement revenue at this time supports the ongoing work and quality of the magazine through stock photos, platform upgrades, hosting costs, etc.

Volunteering for MAPS

Join people from all over the world who volunteer their time and talents for a healthy tomorrow. We look forward to meeting you! Please be in touch today.

Everything at Parvati.org is volunteer-run. If you would like to lend a hand, please let us know. We have inspiring projects from social media action, to grassroots phone calls and letter writing, to creative campaign production. It’s fun and you get to help make the world a better place in the process – a true win-win! Register now.


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