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With eclectic voices, delightful instrumentation, and lessons for all ages and families, this year’s GRAMMY-nominated children’s albums are brimming with joy, warmth, and learning. This month we speak to two of the nominees. Falu Shah helps children embrace different cultures with “Falu’s Bazaar” In a debut children’s music release, Falu Shah offers a musical journey through South Asia. With songs in Hindi, Gujarati and English, “Falu’s Bazaar” is a rich, welcoming and educational glimpse into Indian culture. Falu shares insight into the album she created for her son, and theRead More
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AURORA, born Aurora Aksnes, is such an ethereal character with an ageless gaze, you could believe her to have emerged into our world from a fairy tale, not the fjord-locked Norwegian coastal city of Bergen. Passionate, kind, self-possessed, and with a voice both liltingly dreamy and resonantly powerful, she makes the case for love and interconnection with her new album, “Infections Of A Different Kind – Step I”. In this month’s special dialogue, AURORA shares her inspirations. Parvati Magazine: Your love for nature is beautifully woven into your new album’sRead More
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With the release of her latest uplifting album, Deva Premal is on a mission to encourage healing through the power of mantra. “DEVA” is a beautiful collection for yoga, meditation or simply relaxation. This month, the chart-topping singer speaks to Parvati Magazine about her transformative musical journey. Parvati Magazine: Deva, originally you were shy about singing and only sang backup to Miten’s tracks. But all that changed one day, with one mantra. What happened to bring you forward to be a lead singer? Deva Premal: Yes, it totally changed whenRead More
If you’re surprised that Barbra Streisand’s first album of original new music in over a decade is led off by a blistering indictment of the current US administration, you probably haven’t been keeping up with her Twitter. Or her Huffington Post articles. Or the speeches she’s been giving for decades. In short, this trailblazer for women in the entertainment industry, with a voice as striking and capable at 76 as it was when she was 19, has been fiercely outspoken for as long as she’s had a platform to beRead More
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Japanese-Canadian world music flautist Ron Korb is known as the “Prince of Flutes” in Japan and “Dragon Flute” in China. But in addition to the extensive study of Asian bamboo flute music that contributed to his Grammy-nominated 2015 album “Asia Beauty”, he has made a name for himself in several other genres, including jazz, classical and Celtic music, and has played in the soundtracks of hundreds of film and TV series. His latest offering is a Latin instrumental album entitled “World Café”. Parvati Magazine spoke with Ron about why theRead More
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Meet 20-year-old music sensation, DJ, and producer Alan Walker. Alan was still in high school when his song “Faded” took the world by storm. His hits have generated almost 4.5 billion views on YouTube and hundreds of millions of Spotify plays. Asia Pop 40’s host Dom Lau sat down with Alan to discuss his single “Alone” and the comfort his music brings to people. Dom Lau: “Alone” is a great tune! I really enjoyed the video as well, but we’ll get to that in a second. Can you tell usRead More
Koolulam - Michal Shahaf-Shneiderman
When Or Taicher encountered a Facebook video of a mass prayer at the wailing wall, he was inspired to act. Joining with musical conductor Ben Yaffet and entrepreneur Michal Shahaf Shneiderman, the three set out to establish Koolulam, a social musical initiative that creates mass-singing events, for everybody and anybody. The result—including covers of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, Sia’s “Titanium”, and Matisyahu’s “One Day” that became viral videos—is truly remarkable. Parvati Magazine: How would you describe Koolulam to our readers? Who are the core members? How did it get started? MichalRead More
Hey Ocean!
Canadian indie-pop sensation Hey Ocean! is back from a several-year hiatus of solo albums to release a new album entitled “The Hurt of Happiness”. Parvati Magazine sat down with lead guitarist David Beckingham to discuss the album, the ocean, and the power of giving back to the community. PMAG: What was the inspiration for Hey Ocean!’s name, and what is your take on the state of the oceans these days and the way humans are treating it? DB: Hey Ocean! got its name on the beaches of Costa Rica whenRead More
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There is a historic groundswell of youth activism today. Hundreds of thousands of teenagers rallied across the U.S. to end gun violence in the United States. Youth are standing up for what is right, showing adults that they have a lot to learn from them. In Jamaica, one teenager in particular is tearing up dance halls, while sending a message to his peers, his country and the whole world. By the time this issue comes out, Wayne J will have just celebrated his fifteenth birthday. But don’t let his ageRead More
There’s a question that keeps coming up in the comments on Thabo’s music on YouTube, and that is: “Why don’t more people know about this?” The Zimbabwe-born Thabo’s name means joy in his mother tongue Ndebele. His songs unerringly target the heart of issues our world struggles with today, in heartfelt messages and an exquisite voice, wrapped in glorious grooves. We caught up with him at his home in Huddersfield, UK looking relaxed and exhilarated after his band’s recent UK tour with Seal. Parvati Magazine: You have a massive voice.Read More