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Image credit: Amnesty International “If we fail our environment, we fail to protect our human rights.” – Ban Ki-moon From toxic waste dumping in the oceans to child labour and ecosystems destroyed by mining, Seema Joshi, Amnesty International’s Co-Director for Global Thematic Issues, and her team are working for human rights and the planet. Seema shares some of their challenges and successes with Parvati Magazine. This interview has been edited and condensed. Parvati Magazine: Why are human rights and environmental issues intertwined? Seema Joshi: Human rights and environmental issues areRead More
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Social media and digital platforms such as YouTube are transforming the way musicians, artists and bloggers shape our society. We caught up with Jasper Donat, co-founder and CEO of Branded Ltd., one of Asia’s most successful media, marketing and entertainment event firms and creators of the groundbreaking All That Matters festival, to find how the industry is changing. This interview has been condensed and edited. Parvati Magazine: You’ve been focused on Asia for over 20 years, but you started out in the UK. What convinced you that Asia was theRead More
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Schneider Electric is leading a new world of technological transformation. Its energy efficient systems, software, and services are reshaping industries and mobilizing sustainable living. This month, Senior Vice President of Safety, Environment, and Real Estate, Xavier Houot, describes the company’s commitment to decarbonization, all while delivering enhanced reliable and efficient energy management and automation. Schneider Electric’s innovative, carbon-neutral solutions are making a planet-friendly future possible. Parvati Magazine: Schneider Electric is a world leader in energy efficiency and sustainability. Why have you declared the ambitious goal of achieving supply chain-wide carbonRead More
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What if an MBA degree came with a real understanding of how to make social impact and support social entrepreneurship? The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford puts this idea to work. Parvati Magazine spoke with Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean, MBA and Executive Degrees at Saïd, and Antonio Potenza, MBA, BBA, Executive Director at Aston Blackstone International LLC and a recent graduate of Saïd Business School. Parvati Magazine: Social impact, social awareness and social entrepreneurship are not the first words one might associate with MBA programs. But theyRead More
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“Today we can no longer ignore the harsh reality. We need the human ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive that brought us the present to address the environmental challenges that threaten our future.” Ief Winckelmans is a man on a mission. The founder of the global impact investing network Ocean Impact Alliance is a skilled impact fund manager with a passion for protecting the Earth’s ecosystems. We learned how Ief brings together ecopreneurs, a support network and global impact investors to change the world through responsible economic endeavour. Parvati Magazine: Your fatherRead More
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Green printing used to mean your printer just used recycled paper for your business cards or brochures. Eco-savvy printers are now taking it much further—as we learned this month when we spoke with Glen Warren, Vice President at Warren’s Waterless printing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Parvati Magazine: What is waterless printing and why is it good for the environment? Glen Warren: Waterless printing is a method of offset printing that completely eliminates the use of both water and chemical dampening solutions. Conventional offset printing is based on the chemical propertiesRead More
Flow state with Flow Genome Project
Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of Flow Genome Project, is a leading expert on the neuro-physiology of human performance and a man on a mission to make the “genome of flow” available to everyone by 2020. Parvati Magazine spoke with Jamie to learn what that means and why it matters now more than ever. Parvati Magazine: Let’s start with the basics. What is flow to you? Jamie Wheal: It’s a peak state of awareness in motion, or awareness in action, where you feel and perform at your best. PMAG: Your bookRead More
The technology giant Dell recently made a splash in the fashion world by collaborating with Nikki Reed, actress and activist, to launch the The Circular Collection, jewelry made with gold responsibly extracted from technology recovered through the Dell US recycling program. Parvati Magazine’s Business Editor, Pam Bryan, spoke with Trisa Thompson, Senior Vice President and Chief Responsibility Officer at Dell Inc. to learn more about the tech giant’s Legacy of Good sustainability programs. Parvati Magazine: What is the Dell Legacy of Good Plan and why is it so important toRead More
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Image credit: Duke Burchell Simply Straws launched in 2012 with a mission to create the best straw possible while helping reduce pollution caused by plastic straws. They have since won awards for their social activation and light footprint on the environment. Parvati Magazine spoke with Simply Straws co-founder and X Games medalist snowboarder Chanelle Sladics, and Simply Straws Awesome Ambassador, pro snowboarder and four time Olympian Kjersti Buaas. Parvati Magazine: What inspires Simply Straws to be so engaged with education to protect the environment? Chanelle Sladics: As we started onRead More
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Shawn Jason is being the only person he knows how to be and keeps finding new ways to share love with the world. Parvati Magazine had the pleasure of connecting with him to learn more about his new business, ILOVEYOUPASSITON, which sells gear with a positive attitude – t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and cards saying “I Love You, Pass It On” – to to spread love around the globe while raising funds to help the homeless and hungry. Parvati Magazine: Is ILOVEYOUPASSITON your main income or a side gig? How didRead More