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“A smile makes you master of yourself. That is why the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas are always smiling. When you smile, you realize the wonder of the smile.” - Thich Nhat HanhRead More
Inner smile meditation-Parvati Devi-smile in the mind
“A smile makes you master of yourself. That is why the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas are always smiling. When you smile, you realize the wonder of the smile.” - Thich Nhat HanhRead More
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We tend to think of painful things as mistakes and the good stuff as luck. Or perhaps we think of what we like as grace, a gift from beyond, and things we don’t like as a curse. However we choose to see the moment and understand our life, at some point we ask, what is grace? Do we have control over it? How can we amplify it? Where does it come from? Many of us are walking around through our days wanting life to be different, wondering why it isRead More
Meditation - Compassion
The great teachers through the ages have emphasized the importance of compassion on the spiritual path. It is not just a sweet sentiment, but a deep awareness that takes us beyond our small self and connects us with infinite love. Compassion is born in our being when we rest in the knowing of our inherent oneness with all that is. It flowers as our ego dies and we are born into the reality of our eternal Self. It is a divine nectar that flows effortlessly when we are willing toRead More
Meditation-Parvati-Listen to the sounds
I have been hibernating this past winter in my music studio, but have been far from asleep. Instead, I have been sparking with immense creativity to compose five upcoming albums in support of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Feeling as though I was holding a thread of an inspired download, I felt honoured to listen to the unseen as sounds were making themselves audible for me to render into form. I felt immersed in a creative sea. At the same time, I strongly felt the presence of the greatRead More
Parvati Meditation when your thoughts are driving your crazy-
My daily meditation practice gives me energy and clarity in all I do. It opens me to an effervescent field of possibility through which life arises. I cannot recommend it enough. Yet, since meditation is now commonly known as a means to find inner peace, it may be tempting to turn to it with a desire to escape the challenges of life. In a culture where pills can remove pain, we can misunderstand meditation as happiness medication, and come to our cushion with a hope to feel better. For thoseRead More
Meditation Interconnection-Parvati
Your life flows in joy, ease and beingness when you get out of your own way. The tighter you hold on to the idea that you are the one doing it all, the more you suffer. When you try to make this moment as your ego would have it, the further you move away from the sweet balance that exists in the now. When you take pause from this effortful fight, you open to see that you have in fact no control. This is not because you are not powerful,Read More
Like most of us, you likely go through the day with internal chatter running through your mind. But how much importance you give it can make the difference between living a life of joy, or feeling stuck and thwarted. If you give it credence, your internal chatter can be like Superman’s Kryptonite. The limiting beliefs you carry can undermine your best intentions with mesmerizing speed. So to cultivate wisdom in the practice of meditation, let us explore how to defuse these beliefs before they grow. When painful thoughts thwart yourRead More
Meditation-Luminous Space Within-Parvati-Devi
The practice of meditation involves drawing your awareness inward. As you learn to let go of your attachments to passing thoughts, you develop a sense of internal space. Eventually you rest into the field of pure consciousness that lies behind your thoughts. This takes practice. Meditation is a discipline cultivated over time. Even a few minutes a day is valuable, like putting money into your evolutionary bank account. Our ego, where most of us place our attention, is attached to feeling separate and in control. It is not interested inRead More
stand your ground, Meditation-Understand-Witness-Release
In the Positive Possibilities Living column in this month’s issue, we explored the notion of standing your ground. Here, let’s deepen that exploration through a guided practice. When you next feel that you need to stand your ground, see if you can remain open, relaxed, rooted and expansive. From this vantage point, remember that things are not “happening to you”. You are no victim, but are perfectly supported. You are given all you need in each moment to learn and evolve. From this vantage point, watch your reactions rise andRead More