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Kubo and the Two Strings is an animated masterpiece that is visually mesmerizing from beginning to end. The most recent passion project of studio Laika (Coraline, ParaNorman, and The Boxtrolls), Kubo is a stop-motion animation (with computer generated enhancements) that truly dazzles. In the words of director and CEO Travis Knight, “At its core, Kubo is a stop-motion samurai film.” And then it piles all sorts of layers on top of that. It is an ambitious project to say the least and I admire the studio for taking risks andRead More
Parvati Magazine’s Dr. Karen Ho interviewed Dr. Warren Bell of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), a group of over 4900 physicians and concerned citizens committed to a healthy and sustainable environment. As an organization, CAPE brings its health expertise to environmental issues and is an important voice for environmental health in Canada. Parvati Magazine: Please tell us why you founded CAPE? Warren Bell: CAPE was founded about 20 years ago because I and two other colleagues felt that the medical profession needed to address environmental issues, becauseRead More
Continued from last month’s issue: Parvati Magazine spoke with Marianne Williamson about her new book, From Tears to Triumph. Parvati Magazine: I also want to talk about another big theme in the book, you say that it is important to bear witness to another person’s suffering, that speaks to our core as compassionate beings. Can you speak to this theme of inherent interconnection? Marianne Williamson: Yes, one of the things I talk about in the book is that we should not want to desensitize ourselves to our own suffering. TheRead More

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Business: Polarity, by James Greengrass

The human brain defaults to seeing things in an “either/or” framework.  Either that rustling in the underbrush is a threat or it is not.  The person approaching me has hostile intent or they do not.  This proposal is beneficial or it is not.  That framework also shapes the way we evaluate leadership. Our culture tends to treat “leader” as synonymous with “problem solver”.  An effective leader solves problems.  An ineffective leader does not.  This “black and white” view is intuitively satisfying (translation: it lines up with our brain’s default settings)Read More
“It is almost impossible to do 100% eco friendly, they can prepare the documents [sic] to show it is eco friendly but actually it is different story.” I sat for years in soaring office towers, working 90-hour weeks, making decisions worth hundreds of millions of dollars involving high-powered personalities. I’ve seen a lot. But never an e-mail like the one our team at LeDaveed, a startup fashion house with an initial focus on sustainably produced handbags, got in August, when we began a deep dive into the sourcing of fabricsRead More
For this month’s issue of Parvati Magazine, our regular music columnist, Kupid’s Play Records CEO Rishi Deva, is away. In his absence, I scoped out some of the latest music videos to be released this fall to let you know a few faves. First off, Lolo’s “Shine”. A Tennessee native, Lolo tried New York City on for size, but found herself miserable and depressed. Her decision to return to Tennessee and pursue life and music on her own terms is chronicled in her latest album, “In Loving Memory of WhenRead More

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Beauty: Zuii Organics, with Danni Simpson

This month, Parvati Magazine spoke with Danni Simpson from Zuii Organic, a company that offers a full line of organic and natural beauty from down under. Parvati Magazine: What was the inspiration behind starting Zuii Organic? Danni Simpson: Company founder and President Rose Beesey was the first to introduce a truly Certified Organic product line that was safe and beneficial for the skin. Enjoying the beauty of nature was always at the forefront of Rose’s mind, she based her belief around nature and natural remedies, she would spend hours inRead More
Glennon Doyle Melton of “Carry On, Warrior” and “Momastery” fame has returned with a new bestseller: the devastatingly honest “Love Warrior”. Melton takes the reader into her experience of understanding from a young age that it was not safe to be herself or to be in her body. She narrates her descent into bulimia, impersonal sex and addiction, and how close she came to losing her family and herself before a crisis happened that changed all her plans: she got pregnant, and decided to keep the baby and get sober.Read More
Welcome to the October 2016 edition of Parvati Magazine. The meditation practice known as witnessing provides powerful insights into the ways in which we are attached to our perceptions. Witnessing has provided lasting shifts in the way I think and perceive. It has helped me move from being attached to painful thoughts, to living with greater freedom and joy. Witnessing is an essential part of any sincere meditator’s practice. It is at the heart of yoga and spiritual development. Witnessing is not the same as observing. Because witnessing is rooted inRead More
For a yoga teacher, there can be a certain pressure to please all students coming to class, to have a daily practice that includes a series of arm balancing postures and inversions done perfectly, and to be positive, cheerful and full of light at all times. As a student, similar pressures can apply: wanting to perfect each posture, doing things faster, deeper, longer, better, leaving classes blissed out all the time, and always reaching for what’s next. Unfortunately, I can’t give you tips and tricks to help you achieve anyRead More