November 2018: Knowing

Welcome to the November 2018 edition of Parvati Magazine.

The force of Nature is vast, powerful and wise beyond our human comprehension. When we forget the immensity of this force and try to contain it within our limits, both we and Nature suffer.

When you are naturally who you are, you align your energy with that most potent force. It does not apologize for who it is. It does not sheepishly try to be something else. It does not look for approval. It simply is.

To be yourself requires a fierce courage because there is social momentum to “normalcy”, staying asleep and not awakening your true nature. In effect, there is no “normal”. There is either asleep or awake, to varying degrees.

I love the phrase “have the courage of your convictions”. I feel it perfectly sums up how to find confidence when doing something challenging. When you stay awake and engaged, in touch with why you are doing what you do, with that fierce knowing in your heart, you nourish your soul, live your life purpose and serve the highest good of all.

In this month’s issue on the theme of “Knowing”, we feature trailblazers and organizations who embody that powerful, heart-centered capacity. Discover Barbra Streisand’s bold new album, a doctor called the Sherlock Holmes for chronic disease, the business school that’s empowering MBAs for social impact, the story of a white supremacist who changed his ways and became an inspired anti-racism activist, and guided YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine and meditation practices to help you feel connected with that inner force and much more.

When you honour your true nature, you shed light for others to do the same. But not everyone is ready or interested in such honesty. Connecting to your inner fierceness keeps you honest, instinctual, and in alignment with nature. Tapping into courage helps you move towards greater expansion. Developing compassion helps you understand the tendency to want to remain asleep. Because that tendency exists within us all, you can see yourself in others. However, in this moment, you choose to awaken.

As you sharpen your inner clarity, rest in your inner knowing and do what makes you feel alive, everyone wins.

What does your inner knowing say you must do? Start on it now.

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.


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“The cover image this month, by Kevin Faibish, is a glimpse from my upcoming ‘Ocean Anthem’ music video. The shoot was a deeply emotional experience for me. We often had to pause between takes to fix my makeup because I would spontaneously start crying as I sang. I feel so much love for the oceans and so devoted to MAPS, which must happen immediately. May we all come together to heal our world with MAPS.” – Parvati

Support MAPS and be part of the global movement.