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Krista Scott-Dixon is the Director of Curriculum at Precision Nutrition, one of the top online nutrition coaching and coach certification programs in the world. Parvati Magazine caught up with her to talk about nutrition, coaching and how consistent daily actions can create significant change in our lives. Parvati Magazine: What would you say is the main philosophy behind the Precision Nutrition approach to health and wellness? Krista Scott-Dixon: The main philosophy is basically this: ● Do something. Knowledge is great, but only action can create change. ● Do what youRead More
Kathy Patalsky is the author and cook behind the very popular lifestyle blog Happy Healthy Life. After trying her “Favourite Stuffed Sweet Potato” Recipe, Parvati Magazine caught up with her to talk about nutrition, vegan recipes and blogging. Parvati Magazine: Your website is filled with beautiful photos of delicious food and your passion for what you do is present throughout the site. How did you know that becoming a vegan food blogger was the right thing to do? Kathy Patalsky: When I started my blog, it was really more ofRead More
Lemongrass was never something I kept in my kitchen, until lately. Over the summer I had a few delicious soups, curries and thai dishes flavoured with the zesty herb. This piqued my curiosity to try cooking with the green at home. When a friend pointed me towards Sprouted Kitchen, I came across Sara Forte, who shares savoury and sweet recipes on her blog, social media platforms and in her books: 2012’s Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods and 2015’s Bowl + Spoon. Forte describes her love of foodRead More
Parvati Magazine is delighted to introduce Vancouver-based nutritionist Aura Ziv, RNC CPT, as a contributing editor for the Nutrition column. Aura helps people all over the world to make healthy choices and get free from emotional eating. This month, Aura spoke about oils with celebrity chef Rob Feenie. Rob is High Chef at the Vancouver location of the Cactus Club Cafe, a trendy Canadian restaurant chain offering the best in global cuisine using local, fresh ingredients. Learn from Aura and Rob which oils will provide the best complement and healthRead More
I was recently slowed down by a sinus infection and craving some comfort food. The crisp mornings and cooler nights of September are an ideal time for rich and savoury meals, but my low energy levels zapped my desire to prepare my usual thick soups and stews. I wanted something easy, different, yet still very satisfying. Luckily for me, I know about Oh She Glows. Angela Liddon, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and well known blogger, is the creator of Oh She Glows. Liddon also has over a millionRead More
This month, our executive director Pam Bryan explored Minimalist Baker, a food blog that is about much more than just baking. It is dedicated to simple cooking; all recipes take ten ingredients or less, one bowl or one pot, or under 30 minutes to prepare. The site is created by Dana and John Shultz and focuses on vegan-friendly recipes, with lots of plant-based ingredients and gluten-free choices. Don’t be misled by the title of the blog. Minimalist Baker does offer tempting treats such as “The World’s Easiest Cinnamon Rolls”, butRead More
This month, I ventured into the raw and vegan blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life, by Emily von Euw. In addition to having a strong online following, she is a bestselling author of several cookbooks, including her latest, The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook. It was love at first sight with Emily’s mouthwatering social feeds that feature rich, decadent treats, and in many cases, bright and fruity desserts. Emily also posts raw and lightly cooked entrees and juices, but let’s be real, the winners in my eyes are the sweet treats. With allRead More
Daniel Gerald for Parvati Magazine interviewed Jennifer Italiano of Live Organic Food, whose food and juice bars are a Toronto mainstay for healthy vegan fare and whose products are sold across Canada. Parvati Magazine: Your menu is devoid of the very items that seem to power most of the fast food industry: animal products, gluten and refined sugars. Yet, your innovative food is only gaining in popularity. What is the secret to giving ultra-healthy food mass appeal? Jennifer Italiano: My brother and I grew up in a household where foodRead More
Naturally Nourished is Sarah Britton’s most recent contribution to food lovers everywhere. The blogger, nutrition expert, master creator and photographer behind My New Roots since 2007 has blessed the world with another great addition to anyone’s cookbook shelf. Sarah is a self described “whole-food-lover” and she’s got some serious credentials to back up her recipes, as a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). Her first cookbook My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season has a five-star rating on Amazon and she even has her own healthy recipeRead More
LEON: Fast & Free is the most recent cookbook in a series offered to food lovers by the chefs behind the LEON restaurant chain in the UK. LEON, the restaurant, first opened its kitchens in 2004 and was named the Best New Restaurant in Great Britain within the first six months (by a panel that included Gordon Ramsay, no less!). Their goal was simple: to change the face of fast food. Each of their books celebrates simply-cooked fresh, local, and natural ingredients. I fell in love with this cookbook fromRead More