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Since going dairy free and discovering the loveliness that is coconut cream, I’ve realized the possibilities of delicious desserts are endless. After trying a friend’s very delicious cake with almond butter and young coconut, I was inspired to make three layers of creamy rich mousse, using coconut cream as the main ingredient for two layers, with a carob avocado pudding in the middle. I also changed my usual brand of stevia, to try Better Stevia by Now. The nice thing about this recipe, and like most desserts that don’t requireRead More
Fresh raspberries, rosewater and carob are a luscious flavor combination suitable for any special occasion, especially Valentine’s Day! You won’t miss dairy, dark chocolate or refined sugars in this lavish, low-carb, paleo-friendly treat. This recipe can be made mostly raw if you choose raw nuts, nut butters and carob powder, skip the raspberry jam topping, and keep the heat as low as possible while melting the cacao butter. If you are strict about your carb and sugar intake, as I am when preparing items for myself, eliminate the date sugarRead More
Once the holidays are over, this side dish is a perfect match to any lunch or dinner entree. My husband and I started making this when we began buying beets on a weekly basis and had the stems and leaves left over. This recipe is perfect for any green, whether it be spinach, collard greens, or swiss chard. After washing and chopping them, they are ready to go into the pan with a few spices and flavours. Ingredients ● 2 bunches beet greens or 1 bunch Swiss chard (enough toRead More
In the middle of December as snow abounds, why not bring a taste of Mexico to the table to remind you of a warmer destination? Guacamole was first created by the Aztecs, later adopted by Mexicans, and now enjoyed by all! This savoury appy can be served with traditional tortilla chips, crackers, pretzels, raw assorted vegetables or trendy kale chips. Whatever your passion! Although the core to this recipe remains the same you can modify it in many ways by adding cilantro, hot sauce, basil and/or cayenne – to nameRead More
The tangy bite of Dijon mustard marries with the bursting flavour of fresh herbs on this vibrant, crunchy salad. Make a small dice of: 1/2 English cucumber 1 medium red pepper 1 dozen sugar snap peas 2 small carrots 1 small beet Make a chiffonade of spinach by stacking and tightly rolling a dozen large spinach leaves with the stems removed, then slicing the roll in 1/4 inch sections. This produces long strands of the leaves. If you prefer, you could also simply tear the leaves into small pieces toRead More
This recipe is from my mother, who makes delicious soups. She got this recipe from a friend and adapted it to her liking. I have always loved her soups, and this one in particular is perfect for fall. The great thing about this soup is that it is very dense and filling, and can serve as a meal in itself. Ingredients 2 tbsp oil (we suggest avocado or grapeseed) 1 medium size onion, chopped 1-3 cloves of garlic, minced (optional) 2-3 carrots cut into 1cm cubes 2 stalks of celeryRead More
One of the most satisfying yet simple meals I make on a weekly basis is my root vegetable salad. It’s loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, and easy to digest, making it a satisfying yet hearty meal. In fact, root vegetables are some of the most nutrient-dense vegetables due to their ability to absorb so much from the soil. Because of this, I buy organic whenever possible to avoid the chemical and pesticides commonly used in mainstream farming. There is a wide variety to choose from to create anRead More
Do you feel connected to your body? Are you aware of the messages that your body is continuously sending you? Are you nurturing your body with good food, regular movement and enough sleep? Do you feel that your body is connected to the earth? Do you feel grounded? Getting too much into your spiritual body and losing connection with your physical body is something that can happen easily when you are working on an important project, thinking of a career shift, or just getting a higher dose of spiritual energy.Read More
When I gave up dairy years back, it was a big blow to my ice cream obsession. It was not until I met my now husband that I learned about coconut ice cream. While I loved the taste and texture of coconut cream as substitutes to the real deal, the sugar content was too high for me. In addition to removing dairy and gluten from my diet, sugar was top on my list because of the negative effects I was experiencing soon after I ate anything sugary. Recently, I startedRead More
Most nutritionists (especially holistic nutritionists) include lemons in their daily practice. For me, my day hasn’t started until I am sipping on a 1 litre mason jar filled with warm water and freshly squeezed lemons. Lemons provide us with an abundance of nutritional value and support. 10 Top Health Benefits of Lemons 1. Lemons are alkalizing for your body; when you eat or drink the juice of a lemon- the ‘acidic’ properties of the lemon enter your body, which stimulates a series of responses that create a more alkaline balanceRead More