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The divine is always with us, no matter where we are or what we may be doing. The divine continually showers us with grace-filled flower petals. The question is, are we open? Are we listening for the phone call from the divine? I was in my music studio working on one of five upcoming albums dedicated to MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), when the phone rang. I had been composing and arranging a song for Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity who brings good fortune and removes obstacles along ourRead More
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I have been quite nomadic for most of my adult life—traveled extensively, seen the world, and enjoyed many varied cultures. I have learned to find home wherever I may be. At first, home was literally my backpack in which I carried my necessities. But I have learned to put my pack down now and lessen the load I carry. Who is “doing” anyway? As my spiritual teacher says, when you are on a traveling train, why still hold onto your luggage? The train is my life, and I am carriedRead More
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From the creative cave of my music studio, where I am completing five new albums to help raise awareness of MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), I was reminded the other day of how the creative process is cyclical, with many ups and downs. As a yogi, I often reflect upon the wise words in the Bhagavad Gita, which says a yogi is one who acts without attachment to the fruits of his actions. I am blessed with regular reminders of this understanding, which is at the heart of myRead More
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Every day, as soon as I wake up, I wash up and head downstairs to my cushion to start my day from a centered place. When I arrived at my meditation seat the other day, all I could feel was my pounding head. I had not had enough sleep, and woke up with a headache. For most of us, our knee-jerk reaction to pain is to either try to push it away with denial, medication or temporary pleasures, or run towards it by projecting judgment or anger at it, asRead More