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Turning Yann Martel’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel about a young man’s unforeseen trek with a tiger into Ang Lee’s stunning piece of celluloid takes more than CGI tricks to get into the depths of what the film is all about. This visually extraordinary film is more than just that. Themes such as faith, survival, ritual, hope, and courage all delve deep within us… but ultimately journey of self is what Life of Pi is all about. The story begins of a man named Pi, self-shortened from Piscine Molitor Patel (playedRead More
At Parvati Magazine, we especially like to showcase books, films or music that celebrate an “a-ha” moment where a person awakens to a greater reality than their limited ego. One such a-ha movie is the 2006 film “Peaceful Warrior”, in which an ambitious young gymnast encounters a teacher who helps him transform his life forever. The movie, based on real life events, tells the story of Dan Millman, a college gymnast who seems to have everything going for him – competitive success, popularity, material abundance – but who has troubleRead More
Films, with their moving, flickering images, can capture the elusive yet magical qualities of the temporal world we inhabit like no other art form. Yet not all that shimmers is gold. The Twilight series is no exception. Not all energies present on the Earth today, nor all information available to us, are aligned with our highest good.  Some may have heard, for example, that the number 911 symbolizes DNA completion, or that it is some kind of “angel number”. In fact, the number 911 references a vampiric interference pattern, aRead More
A couple of years ago when the film Avatar came out, it was touted as carrying an environmental message about love and respect for Nature. Its lush visuals and special effects made it the highest grossing film ever. Is it a champion for living in harmony and interconnection? That’s not so clear. The movie, set on a distant planet called Pandora, is named for the genetically engineered bodies, avatars, into which a handful of human visitors direct their consciousness so that they can walk among the native humanoid species, theRead More
In Canada, the end of August and beginning of September is a time when the heat of the summer recedes into light jacket weather and young people everywhere get out new school supplies, perhaps dusting off the backpack not used since school let out for the summer. Each successive year of “back to school” is like the year that came before, yet different. New challenges arise, academically and personally. We may no longer stand on familiar ground, or in the same light. The four Pevensie children – Peter, Susan, EdmundRead More
In March, I experienced an unusual surge of energy and was extremely productive as I used to be in my first business as an illustrator. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary to increase my drive so I liked to believe it came from the full moon or the high solar flare activity in the news at that time. Whatever was fueling my drive I welcomed it! I actually loved stirring my imagination that the solar flare activity was sending solar storms to Earth to energize my body andRead More
I dream of going to Paris! I want to drink in the rich culture and experience all the delicious foods. I want to taste the fresh breads, pastries and creamy chocolates. There is a passion in this city that keeps calling me. So I continue to visualize myself in Paris loving everything the city has to offer. A part of me wants to share this experience with the love of my life and since I haven’t found her yet (as of this writing) I sometimes think that maybe she’s inRead More
Letting go of anything in your life can be a challenge. It is also an important step in making room for new, exciting adventures and desires to come into your life. I often write that in order to move forward you’ve got to let go of things in your life that have been with you a long time. Recently I wrote about how shredding old business paperwork had made room for more exciting opportunities to come into my career in the form of my new column for Zoomer Magazine. HereRead More
At some point we all reach crossroads in our lives and careers where we have to make difficult decisions of what to let go of and what to keep. Some are physical items and some are old ways of thinking. And sometimes the physical items represent what’s inside you that must be released. Ultimately we must let go of what we’ve become comfortable with in order to make room for the new to come into our lives. I’m at a crossroads in my life and career where I can seeRead More
When you’ve gone through as many unexpected life changes as I have, you eventually learn to surrender to the flow of a river you’ve just been dropped into. I’ve learned to be open to whatever direction life has in store for me. I’ve learned to have faith. Of course, sometimes I can still feel resistance in the silliest ways. For example, the movie The Artist had a positive buzz about it even before it hit theatres. And even though it won a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award forRead More